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John Ball – a man of rhyme and plenty of reason

Thank you, Anna Belfrage for this informative post.


We all have our particular favourites among historical people. Quite often, the people we idolise will be vilified by others – history, just like pretty much everything in life, is a matter of perception and opinion. After all, none of us knew the people who took central stage during the preceding centuries. (Well; I would assume not. Maybe there are some reincarnated souls out there who have been on chit-chatting terms with Julius Caesar or Hannibal, who’ve shared a bath with Fredrik Barbarossa or got drunk with Henry II. Lucky them…)
Still; there are favourites and non-favourites. My top-of-the pops list when it comes to historical people is headed by Saladin, Gustav II Adolf of Sweden and Henry II of England. On my shit list, Stalin and Hitler come right at the top, followed by an assortment of dictators, fanatics and plain dislikeable people, plus a number of incompetents.


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Today’s the day

My very fist post on my own blog – without older son at my elbow to see I do it right!

With the publication of my first novel just 2 weeks away, I’ve discovered there is a lot needs to go on behind the scenes preparing for the launch – emails flying back and forwards to the publisher / checking the guest lists etc and the scary stuff of choosing suitable section(s) to read. Even more scary – will my family and friends who are not only buying a copy themselves:  Thank you! but also telling their  friends actually find it is to their taste when they get to read it? I’m guessing every author feels like this at this stage, but I’m also wondering if it changes with book no 2 or 20… or if it will always feel like this. – Any comments from those further down the track than me very welcome!

Once the next few weeks are over I hope to post interesting snippets – mostly 16th century – as that’s  the period I’m working in, but reserve the right to delve into other periods as curiosity directs. Research is my favourite displacement activity but I do try to curb my curiosity (sometimes).

For the time being though it’s the process of first publication that is foremost in my mind… any advice also welcome!